Bands we've played with so far:

A Dogs Revenge (CH)
Abbadon Incarnate (IRE)
Abgrund (CH)
Abhordium (FIN)
Aborted (BE)
Abjured (GER)
Abortion (SK)
Abrasive (GER)
Accion Mutante (GER)
Addictet (CH)
Aeternum (CH)
Agathocles (BE)
Agoraphobia (GER)
Aliengates (CH)
All And The Blackcats ()USA)
Altar (NL)
Amagortis (CH)
Ambrossia (CH)
Amok (CH)
Amputated (UK)
Analepsy (P)
Angelus Apatrida (ES)
Angry Again (CH)
Angry Bastards (CH)
Animal Hate (CZ)
Antarus (CH)
Antigama (PL)
Apokatastasia (CH)
Apokrypha (GER)
Apoplexy (F)
Arcaine (CH)
Archaeus (F)
Arkhan (CH)
Artless (GER)
Asag (CH)
Ashura (F)
Askara (CH)
Asphyx (NL)
As Sanity Fades (CH)
Atlas & Axis (CH)
Atomgott (GER)
Atritas (CH)
Attack Vertical (CH)
Aura Noir (NOR)
Autarkia (GER)
Avenger (CZ)

Backwash (CH)
Bangalore (GER)
Banished Reality (GER)
Battalion (CH)
Beansidhe (CH)
Beheaded (MT)
Belching Beet (GER)
Belphegor (A)
Beneath The Flesh (USA)
Benediction (UK)
Betalmand (GER)
Betrayal (GER)
Bierschnapps (GER)
Birdflesh (SWE)
Bitterness (GER)
Black Messiah (GER)
Black September (CH)
Blood (GER)
Blood Bound (CH)
Blood Rainbow (HU)
Bloodride (SWE)
Bloodwraith (BE)
Bloody Butchery (CH)
Bloody Diarrhoea (CZ)
Bloody Invasion (GER)
Blow Job (CH)
Blutmond (CH)
Bösedeath (GER)
Braindead (CH)
Brodequin (USA)
Broken Fate (CH)
Broken Torso (CH)
Brumm Brumm Böse (GER)
Brutal God (CH)
Burial (UK)
Butcher ABC (JP)

Cannibal Corpse (USA)
Caput Mortuum (GER)
Carburetors, The (DK)
Carcariass (F)
Carnal Decay (CH)
Carnal Forge (SWE)
Carnivore Diprosopus (COL)
Carpathian Forest (NOR)
Carved (I)
Cashley (GER)
Casket (GER)
Cataract (CH)
Censored (CH)
Cephalotripsy (USA)
Cephalic (A)
Cephalic Carnage (USA)
Centaurus A (GER)
Cerberos (CH)
Cerebral Bore (UK)
Ceremony Of Opposites (NL)
Charing Cross (CH)
Child Of Pain (CH)
Chimaera (GER)
Cliteater (NL)
Coffin Syrup (USA)
Coldwar (IRE)
Colpocleisis (UK)
Coma (SWE)
Comaniac (CH)
Confector (CH)
Congreed (GER)
Context (NL)
Context (NL)
Contorsion (CH)
Corporate Pain (GER)
Corpsefucking Art (I)
Corvin (GER)
Cosmic Circle (CH)
Coward (CZ)
Craniotomy (SK)
Cranium, The (CH)
Creature (GER)
Creeping Vengeance (CH)
Cremation (CH)
Criminal (CL)
Crimson Death (GER)
Cripper (GER)
Crisis Never Ends (GER)
Cropment (CH)
Crucified Barbara (SWE)
Crypt (CH)
Cryptic Voice (CH)
Cult of Blood (CH)
Cumulo Nimbus (GER)

Dark Age (GER)
Dark Fortress (GER)
Darkfall (A)
Darkmoon (CH)
Darkside (GER)
Davidian (GER)
Deadborn (GER)
Deadlock (GER)
Dead Remains (GER)
Deaf Aid (GER)
Deaf Auditorium (CRO)
Death Reality (GER)
Debauchery (GER)
Decapitated (PL)
Deceit (CH)
Decripit Birth (USA)
Deepred (FIN)
Defaced (CH)
Defending The Faith (GER)
Deflorace (CZ)
Defloration (GER)
Deformed (PL)
Deforeskination (GER)
Defus (PL)
Delirious (GER)
Demolition (A)
Demonical (SWE)
Denial Fiend (USA)
Depraved (F)
Depresion (A)
De Profundis (UK)
Der Weg einer Freiheit (GER)
Desaster (GER)
Desecration (UK)
Despise (CZ)
Despised Icon (CAN)
Despondency (GER)
Dessdemonia (CH)
Destruction (GER)
Detrimentum (UK)
Devastator (GER)
Devangelic (I)
Devil Driver (USA)
Devour The Fetus (F)
Dew-Scented (GER)
Diabolic Heritage (GER)
Dynamite Abortion (CH))
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (GER)
Disavowed (NL)
Disgorge (MEX)
Dismember (SWE)
Disorderz (CZ)
Disparaged (CH)
Distinct Cult (GER)
Divine Noise Attack (GER)
Divine Empire (USA)
Dordeduh (ROM)
Dr. Living Death (SWE)
Dreamshade (CH)
Drowned (BRA)
Dryrot (GER)
Dying Fetus (USA)
Dying Source (GER)
Dysembrioma (GER)

Effigy (CH)
El [K]mino (GER)
Embalming Theatre (CH)
Embedded (GER)
Emeth (BE)
Eminence (BRA)
End of Green (GER)
Endstille (GER)
Entombed A.D. (SWE)
Epitaph (CH)
Equilibrium (GER)
Erebos (A)
Erupdead (CH)
Eschaton (A)
Eternal Delyria (CH)
Evil Invaders (BE)
Evocation (SWE)
Excelsis (CH)
Excrementory Grindfuckers (GER)
Excruciation (CH)
Exhumed (USA)
Exit (CH)
Exodus (USA)
Expenzer (CH)
Ex-Ortation (CH)
Exploited, The (UK)
Extermination Dismemberment (BY)
Extreme Noise Terror (UK)
Eyes See Red (CH)

Fahnenflucht (GER)
Fatal Embrace (CH)
Fate (F)
Fear of Reality (CH)
Final Breath (GER)
Final Cut (CH)
Final Crusade (CH)
Final Dawn (FIN)
Finsterforst (GER)
Firespawn (SWE)
Fleshcrawl (GER)
Fleshgore (UKR)
Fleshless (CZ)
Forlorn Legacy (CRO)
Forsaken, The (SWE)
Freedom Call (GER)
Frozen Gate (CH)
Furor Gallico (I)

General Surgery (SWE)
Godcomplex (GER)
Goddamned X (A)
God Dethroned (NL)
Godless Truth (CZ)
Gods Of Hellfire (UK)
Gonoreas (CH)
Goratory (USA)
G.O.R.E. (CZ)
Gorefest (NL)
Goregonzola (GER)
Gorerotted (UK)
Gorezone (GER)
Gorilla Monsoon (GER)
Grabak (GER)
Grady Twins (CH)
Grave (SWE)
Grave Digger (GER)
Graveworm (A)
Gride (CZ)
Grimness 69 (I)
Grobar (NL)
Groinchurn (RSA)
Gronibard (F)
Grotesque Impalement (GER)
Guitar Smashed Face (CH)
Gulpdown (CH)
Gun Barrel (GER)
Gurd (CH)
Guts & Glory (GER)
Gutted (NL)

Hacride (F)
Hail of Bullets (NL)
Happy Hippos Massaker (CH)
Harasai (GER)
Harmony Dies (GER)
Hatesick (CZ)
Hate Plow (USA)
Hatred (GER)
Havok (GER)
Headshot (GER)
Hearse (SWE)
Heathen Foray (A)
Helfahrt (GER)
Hellblazer (GER)
Helles Belles (GER)
Hellroom Projectors (CH)
Hellvetica (CH)
Hiam (GER)
Hidden In The Fog (GER)
Holocausto Cannibal (POR)
Holy Moses (GER)
Homo Iratus (GRE)
Hot Rod Mayhem (GER)
Human Bloodfeast (GER)
Human Factor, The (GER)
Human Rejection (GRE)
Human Waste (GER)
Humiliation (MYS)
Hyems (GER)
Hyperium (CH)
Hypnos (CZ)
Hypocrisy (SWE)
Hypothermie (GER)

Ihresgleichen (GER)
Ihsahn (NOR)
Illdisposed (DK)
Illogicist (I)
Immortal Remains (GER)
Immortal Rites (GER)
Impaled Nazarene (FIN)
Imperial Sodomy (F)
Incantation (USA)
Infected Disarray (UK)
Infernal Carnage (CH)
Infernal Maze (PL)
Infernal Poetry (I)
Infestation (UK)
Infested (GER)
Infliction (I)
Inhumate (F)
Inhume (NL)
In Other Climes (GER)
Insane Assholes (I)
Insidious Decrepancy (USA)
Insomnia Isterica (CH)
Internal Suffering (COL)
Into Darkness (GER)
Inveracity (GRE)
Iodine (DK)
Iron Kobra (GER)
Irony of Fate (CH)

Jack Slater (GER)
Japanische Kampfhörspiele (GER)
J.B.O. (GER)
Jungle Rot (USA)
Just Before Dawn (SWE/DK/UK)
Justice (GER)

Kadavrik (GER)
Karaoke From Hell (CH)
Katabasis (GER)
Katalepsy (RUS)
Katharsis (CZ)
Kerry and the Layzers (CH)
Kissin Dynamite (GER)
Knowhere (CH)
Koldbrann (NL)
Korades (GER)
Korpiklaani (FIN)
Korpse (NL)
Krabathor (CZ)
Krisiun (BRA)
Kromlek (GER)
Kronos (F)
Kruger (CH)
Kryptos (IND)

Lahar (CZ)
Lay Down Rotten (GER)
Le Scrawl (GER)
Left for Dead (GER)
Legacy Of Hate (A)
Legenda Aurea (CH)
Legio Mortis (GER)
Legion Of The Damned (NL)
Leng Tch'e (BE)
Lickford (CH)
Licksalt (GER)
Lifeless (GER)
Like Fool (CZ)
Liturgy (USA)
Lividity (USA)
Lordaeron (UK)
Lord Of The Grave (CH)
Lordren (CH)
Lord Vicar (FIN)
Lost Chapter (CH)
Lowbrow (USA)
Lunacy (CH)
Lunatica (CH)
Lurid Trace (CH)

Mabon (CH)
Madhouse (GER)
Maggot Shoes (GER)
Maintain (GER)
Malefice (UK)
Malevolent Creation (USA)
Malicious Intent (GER)
Manhattan Lovestory (GER)
Manifest (CH)
Marant (CH)
Marduk (SWE)
Maroon (GER)
Martial (GER)
Martyrium Christi (CZ)
Masquerade (CH)
Mass Infection (GRE)
Massacre (USA)
Master (USA)
Matka Teresa (NL)
Meatknife (GER)
Medebor (PL)
Mephitic Entities (CH)
Messiah (CH)
Midwinter (GER)
Milking The Goatmachine (GER)
Mincing Fury And Guttural Clamour Of Queer Decay (CZ)
Mindcrime (GER)
Mindflair (GER)
Mirto Massaker (CH)
Misery Index (USA)
Misery Speaks (GER)
Moonsorrow (FIN)
Morbid Angel (USA)
Morbus Gravis (CH)
Morrigu (CH)
Mors Amara (CH)
Mortal Factor (CH)
Mortifilia (CH)
Moulding Flesh (PL)
Muilaff (CH)
Mumakil (CH)
Mutilation (CH)
My Darkest Hate (GER)
Mystic Circle (GER)
Mythopoia (CZ)

Neaera (GER)
Naked Scarecrow (F)
Napalm Death (UK)
Nasty Vermin (CH)
Nasum (SWE)
Natron (I)
Necrodeath (I)
Necrophagist (GER)
Necrotic Flesh (GER)
Negligent Collateral Collapse (CZ)
Negura Bunget (RO)
Nighthunter (CH)
Nihilo (CH)
Nile (USA)
No (GER)
Nominon (SWE)
Nordor (GRE)
Norther (FIN)
Not Fragile (GER)
Nox (NL)
Nuclear Devastation (I)

Obituary (USA)
Obscenity (GER)
Obscura (GER)
Obscurity (GER)
Obstinacy (GER)
Omnicide (CH)
Omophagia (CH)
One Man Army & The Undead Quartet (SWE)
Onkelz Wie Ihr (GER)
Opel-Gang (CH)
Origin (USA)
Osh (GER)

Pain (SWE)
Pain Of Gomorrha (CH)
Pale Black (CH)
Pandemia (CZ)
Pandemic Death (CH)
Pangea (GER)
Paradox (GER)
Parazide (CH)
Parsifall (GER)
Parusie (CH)
Path Of Golconda (GER)
Perishing Mankind (A)
Perverse (PL)
Pestilent (GER)
Phantom Corporation (GER)
Pighead (GER)
Pigskin (CH)
Pigsty (CZ)
Pleurisy (NL)
Poppy Seed Grinders (CZ)
Powerwolf (GER)
Prejudice (BE)
Profanity (GER)
Prograss (CH)
Prophecy (USA)
Prometherion (CH)
Prostitute Disfigurement (NL)
Provocation (GER)
Psycho (GER)
Psychofagist (I)
Pulverizer (NL)
Pungent Stench (A)
Punish (CH)
Punished Earth (BE)
Punishment (A)
Purgatory (GER)
Putridity (I)
PxNxGx (CH)
Pyaemia (NL)

Quasimodo (GER)

Radwaste (CH)
Rage (GER)
Ravage (GER)
Ravenheart (CH)
Rätier (CH)
Reaper (GER)
Reckless Manslaughter (GER)
Resurrected (GER)
Resurrecturis (I)
Revolting (SWE)
Rompeprop (NL)
Roots Of Death (CH)

S.A.R.Z. (CH)
Samael (CH)
Sanatorium (SLK)
Sardonic (GER)
Satanic Slaughter (SWE)
Satan's Revenge On Mankind (GER)
Scalpel (CH)
Scatorgy (UK)
Schirenc plays Pungent Stench (A)
Scorn Harvest (CH)
Scratched Surface (GER)
Screaming Afterbirth (USA)
Sear Bliss (HU)
Seawolves (CH)
Sedative (F)
Seeds Of Sorrow (A)
September Murder (GER)
Septycal Gorge (I)
Severe Torture (NL)
Shadows Far (CH)
Shadows Fears (CH)
Shadows Land (PL)
Shakra (CH)
Shallow Bloodhood (CH)
Shatter (GER)
Shever (CH)
Shorts & Churchbells (CH)
Shove It (GER)
Sickening (I)
Sic(k)reation (GER)
Siffle Chopes (F)
Silent Overdrive (GER)
Silester (CH)
Sinister (NL)
Sintech (GER)
Sirens (GER)
Skitsystem (SWE)
Skoda 120 (CZ)
Skullhog (NL)
Slaine (CH)
Slamentation (CH)
Sniper (GER)
Soldier's Bloodcraft (CH)
Sólstafir (IS)
Sorath (CZ)
Sorrogate (GER)
Sorrow, The (A)
Soul Demise (GER)
Soulless (CH)
Soulline (CH)
Spancer (GER)
Spasm (CZE)
Spawn Of Possession (SWE)
Spectral (GER)
Squash Bowels (PL)
Stoned (CH)
Stratovarius (FIN)
Stringface (GER)
Sturm (GER)
Sudden Death (GER)
Sufferage (GER)
Suffocate Bastard (GER)
Suffocation (USA)
Suggestor (CZ)
Suicidal Angels (GRE)
Survivors Zero (FIN)
Svamanvcaedere (CH)
Switchback (CH)

Tankfulled (GER)
Teamkiller (GER)
Tempesta (CH)
The Artifice (CH)
The Awakening (CH)
The Burden Remains (CH)
The Exorial (GER)
The Prophecy (UK)
Thornafire (CHL)
Thy Bleeding Skies (GER/FIN)
Thy Final Pain (GER)
The Vision Bleak (GER)
Todesblei (CH)
Tombthroat (GER)
Tormention (SWE)
Tortharry (CZ)
Torture Squad (BRA)
Total Annihilation (CH)
Totenmond (GER)
Totenwinter (CH)
Tourette Syndrome (AUS)
Traitor (GER)
Turisas (FIN)
Twitch Of The Death Nerve (UK)

Ultra Vomit (F)
Uncurbed (SWE)
Under Constrained (GER)
Unlight (CH)
Uppercut (GER)

Vader (PL)
Vae Victis (GER)
Vale Tudo (CH)
Van Canto (GER)
Vanitas (A)
Varg (GER)
Veneral Disease (GER)
Verdict (GER)
Versus The Stillborn-Minded (GER)
Vertebra (CH)
Very End, The (GER)
Victim (GER)
Vintras (GER)
Violation (GER)
Visceral Bleeding (SWE)
Vital Remains (USA)
Voice Of Revenge (GER)
Volksmetal (GER)
Voracity (CH)
Vortex (NL)
Vreid (N)

Wandar (GER)
War From A Harlot's Mouth (GER)
Warfield (GER)
Warhammer (GER)
Warmaster (NL)
Warpath (IRE)
Warscars (F)
Wasteform (USA)
Weyland (GER)
Wintersun (FIN)
Wolfpit (CH)
Wolfram Stuhlgang (GER)
Wormed (ESP)

Xicution (GER)

Ynfamia (NL)
Your Own Decay (CH)
Yyrkoon (FR)

Zatokrev (CH)