Lowbrow – Buried In Europe Tour 2008 with Lowbrow (USA) and Crew
Paul Speckmann of Master(CZ/USA)
Falko of Kraftevention (GER) with Rich and Allen West of Lowbrow (USA)
Herbert "The Busdriver From Hell" Hanke from Happyday Nightlinerservice
Sudden Death (GER)
Perverse (PL)
Obituary (USA)
Napalm Death (UK) and Nasum (SWE)
Messiah (CH)
Hellish Damned Tour 2002 Part II (PL) with Perverse (PL) and Deformed (PL)
Hellish Damned Tour 2002 (PL) with Sudden Death (GER), Perverse (PL), Shadows Land (PL) and Medebor (PL)
Phil Fasciana of Malevolent Creation/Hate Plow (USA)
Kyle Simmons of Malevolent Creation/Hate Plow (USA)
Dave Culross of Malevolent Creation/Hate Plow (USA)
Rob Barrett and Phil Fasciana of Malevolent Creation/Hate Plow (USA) with Rusty and Wolfgang (Bruchstein)
Fleshless (CZ)
Divine Empire (USA)
Disgorge (MEX)
Depresion (AUT)
"Black Pes"-Crew, Prague (CZ)
Best tour manager ever: Jörg of Bruchstein
Singh and Benediction (GB)
Patrick Hersche of Messiah (CH) and Sabina Classen of Holy Moses (GER)
Wolfgang (Bruchstein) and Singh
Benediction (GB), Master (USA) and Divine Empire (USA)
Ralph and Rock'n'Ralle of Requiem with Dani of Debauchery (GER)