Gryphonmetal, by Dalia Di Giacomo -

At 21:54 the second band that will warm up the Abart is on stage for a quick last soundcheck. Messiah drumkits are adapted to REQUIEM, that start off their show at 22:00. A merciless and brutal uptempo fills the room; bassist Michi's death vocals can be heard rather good. Death /Thrash straight forward , but with mid tempo alternations, slow-down passages and persuading hammering riffs. The audience doesn't stand on ceremony , this is the evening of the infernal Metal that make your blood boil. Shortly said the crowd begins to launch many intense moshing and headbanging moments and finally the first crowdsurfings are in full swing. REQUIEM are successfull to prepare the audience for the so much awaited Messiah with interesting loops and with a satisfactory stage acting. But their best strength, in my opinion, depends on the doom slow passages that sometimes are proposed, embedded in a tight decise music, enriched by tremolo effects too. Though mainly fast, this Swiss band can have catchy resonances. Exact and extremely concentrated is drummer Reto, while Ralph and Phil provide good guitar vibes. All in all, a very good success for REQUIEM which is a well known top underground Death band from Switzerland, supported this evening by many local fans too.


Threads in Hands
Nameless Grave
Child Of A New Generation
Formed At Birth
Murder U.S.A.
Mind Control
Sentenced To Death
Living in Misery
River Of Blood

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