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Tell us something about REQUIEM, you know, the very beginning of the band, the first gig, yours inpirations...

ADRIAN FUHRER: I can't tell you the story of the band from the very beginning because I joined the band later. But you can read the whole biograpy on our website ( I guess our music is absolutely brutal-american-death-metal. Bands which influenced us a lot are MALEVOLENT CREATION, HATE PLOW, NAPALM DEATH. We like the style these bands have. The first gig with this line-up was in a little restaurant in switzerland. We played with 2 or 3 more bands and it was absolutely successful. We "crushed" into the scene like a bomb and we had many fans from this moment.

I know that you have your own demo CD called "Nameless Grave".

ADRIAN FUHRER: Our demo-cd has been recorded in january 2001 in a little studio in Zürich. The other guys of the band have never been in a studio like this before, so it was really a new experience for everyone of us. The man who produced the whole record was Urs and we really liked working with him. There's an intro and five songs on it. So far, we sold about 500 copies of "Nameless Grave". There was also a review of our CD in the Rock Hard-Magazine, which is (I think) the biggest metal-magazine in europe. We got 8 of 10 points!!! The reactions of this record were very good. We personally are pretty happy with it, but I think the next record will sound better, especially the drum-sound.

What is the underground in your country like?

ADRIAN FUHRER: The underground-scene in Switzerland is growing. There are a few newcomer-bands which are very good. There are also a lot of maniacs and many clubs death-metal-bands can play.

I know that you are going to enter the studio to record the album soon ...

ADRIAN FUHRER: I can't tell you a lot about our next record. We are still working on it, but we don't know yet when we will record it, which studio, which producer. But I can tell you that we have some songs now which will absolutely kill!!! The cover is ready, it's again the same guy who created the REQUIEM-logo and painted the cover for our demo-cd. There's again this guy on it, it looks really fantastic!!!

The last sentence belongs to you ...

ADRIAN FUHRER: What more should I say, all we want to do is playing our music wherever we can do it. We will create more songs which are heavier, faster, more brutal and just killing!! Hope to be back in Poland soon!

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