New layout online!
17.10.2004, Webmaster
As you have probably already noticed, got a new layout, adjusted to the upcoming album "Government Denies Knowledge". The content is more or less the same as before, some small things have changed, but you will find it out yourself. It is mainly the overall-layout that is letting appear different. Enjoy and use the guestbook or the contact forms for your feedback. Please note that some areas (mainly interviews, articles, pictures as well as merchandise) are labeled as "under construction". These sections will be online in due course.

"Government Denies Knowledge" is planned for a release in early 2005. We started with the songwriting in July this year and won't play any live gigs this year anymore in order to fully concentrate on the new album. For "Government Denies Knowledge", we engaged our former session drummer Reto Crola as a permanent member. He will replace Adi Fuhrer on the drums.

Last but not least, we're glad to announce the first gigs in 2005. Please check Future Gigs for further information.

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