New gig confirmed
26.11.2002, Webmaster

REQUIEM will play at the Ska-Punk-Rock-Festival which will take place on December 14, 2002 at Music Club Dioxin in Schindellegi (CH). Check out the Future Gigs. By the way, don't worry, REQUIEM didn't turn into a punk band!

Site Update
20.11.2002, Webmaster

REQUIEM are back from tour and the site was updated again already:

- Pictures from the Hellish Damned Tour 2002 Part II added to Live Pictures
- Pictures from the Back From Dead Tour 2002 added to Live Pictures
- Various pictures from tour added to Misc Pictures
- New pictures of the tourbus driver and road-crew added to Crew
- One new picture added to Friends

That's it at the moment, a tour report is coming soon!

Gig in Hungary cancelled
13.11.2002, Webmaster

REQUIEM won't play at "Stuncorgo" in Pécs/Hungary tonight because of a tourbus defect! Therefore we weren't able to drive to Pécs in time and were still in Poland today morning. We are really sorry about that!
Please note that the gigs in Austria and Switzerland are not affected by that!

Site Update
01.11.2002, Webmaster

A big update was made again:

- Some more pictures of the tourbus and a picture of the tourbus driver were added to Crew
- Five new pictures in Friends
- Pictures from the 2. Divocák Fest Open-Air in Stríbro (CZ) added to Live Pictures
- Various pictures added to Misc Pictures
- Press articles about REQUIEM are finally online. Check them out here!
- A new review about "Nameless Grave" made for the Carnage-Zine added to Reviews
- News from October were moved to the News Archive

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