NEWS ARCHIVE - April 2010

REQUIEM to enter studio in December 2010
13.04.2010, Webmaster

REQUIEM will re-enter Stage One Studio in Borgentreich, Germany, in December 2010 with producer Andy Classen (LEGION OF THE DAMNED, KRISIUN, BELPHEGOR and more) to start recording the follow-up to last year's album "Infiltrate... Obliterate... Dominate", tentatively titled "Within Darkened Disorder".

The songwriting process is still in progress finishing the instrumental arrangements. Lyrics and vocal arrangements will be done in the next couple of months. An early 2011 worldwide release is expected. On the new album "Within Darkened Disorder" will be 10 new songs of two-fisted, groovy Death Metal in REQUIEM's unique way.

The song titles are the following:

1. "The Plague Without A Face"
2. "I Am Legion"
3. "Echoes Of War"
4. "Feed The Greed"
5. "Symbol Of Nine"
6. "Purified In Flames"
7. "Solemn Sacrifice"
8. "Deception"
9. "Within Darkened Disorder"
10. "Omnivorous Homicide"

The cover artwork will be done again by famous artist Dan Seagrave.

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