NEWS ARCHIVE - December 2008

REQUIEM reveal first details of upcoming record
27.12.2008, Webmaster

REQUIEM has successfully recorded their new album "INFILTRATE... OBLITERATE... DOMINATE..." at Stage One Studio (GER) from December 8th until December 26th 2008.
The definite track listing for the this album (produced by Andy Classen (Belphegor, Krisiun, Legion Of The Damned, Tankard, Disbelief, Dew Scented and more)) is as follows:

01. Marked By The Signs Of Chaos
02. Killing Cell
03. Final Conflict
04. Infiltrate To Obliterate
05. Obliterate To Dominate
06. The Die Is Cast
07. Perish In Open Fire
08. Hate Driven Heretic Deceit
09. A Haunting Warfare
10. The Last Campaign 

Cover artwork by Thomas Ewerhard (Kataklysm, Destruction, Hammerfall, Disbelief and more).
After the release in spring 2009, REQUIEM will be on a full European tour co-headlining with Lividity (USA).

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