Site Update
29.04.2003, Webmaster

A bigger Site Update was made again:

- The pictures of the CD-Release-Party are online! Click here for the live pictures and here for various other pictures.
- A new "Formed At Birth"-review, made by the German Carnage Zine, can be read at this location.
- A new article about the CD-Release-Party, which appeared in a local newspaper recently, added to Articles.

23.04.2003, Webmaster

REQUIEM are going to support MESSIAH (CH) at Volkshaus Zurich on June 13th 2003. The second support band will be HATE PLOW (USA). You can order your ticket now at For more information, check Future Gigs.

Site Update
16.04.2003, Webmaster

Two new "Formed At Birth"-reviews are online. The first one was made by Ad Noctum Fanzine from Germany and the other one by Shouts Of Metal Webzine from Peru. Click here to read them.

REQUIEM to appear on "Evil Shit" Soundtrack
14.04.2003, Webmaster

REQUIEM were asked to contribute some songs to the "Evil Shit" soundtrack. "Evil Shit" is a new Swiss splatter movie directed by Al Spicher. Beside REQUIEM, Swiss bands AMAGORTIS, FRACTAL POINT, EMERALD and MAJESTY OF SILENCE will be part of the soundtrack. It is not clear yet, how many and which REQUIEM-songs will be on the soundtrack. The movie itsself will be divided into several episodes in the vein of "Tales From The Crypt" or "Creepshow", but with more metal of course. The story of the movie is all about fun, splatter and metal. So far, only one episode is finished, so it will take some more time until the movie is out. However, you can see some screenshots of the movie by just clicking this link. For further information about the movie as well as more pictures, check

Site Update
14.04.2003, Webmaster

A new interview, made by the German webzine Voices From The Darkside, is online. Click here to read it.

Site Update
01.04.2003, Webmaster

A new article, an annoucement for the Bands-Battle-Festival 2003 which appeared in the German newspaper "Nordkurier" in January, is online. Click here to read the article.

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